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Our History

WStrong LLC was created in 2020, by Elizabeth M. Yang, Leanne Pfautz, a former colleague, and Elizabeth J. Fabrizio, a law school classmate, as a company committed to strategic leadership and individual and organizational well-being and advancement.


Our work is guided by our organizational philosophies of collective and integrated solutions. We believe that diverse viewpoints and inclusive conversations are the key to developing collective solutions. When we have an opportunity to have open conversations, we can see our starting points, discover our commonalities, and begin to work together. Integrated solutions are achieved through a hybrid approach to project design and management. A winning combination of political acumen coupled with administrative experience and the juxtaposition of substantive knowledge and technological expertise ensures and maximizes the success of programming and initiatives. Equally, we find any path to success is best achieved by building successful teams and supportive networks and that individual well-being, health, and wellness or organizational growth go hand in hand.


Our logo shows a phoenix, or more accurately, a rising phoenix with its wings in upward thrust. We chose the phoenix for its multi-cultural representation of power and prosperity, loyalty, justice, capacity for vision, and its exceptional nature. The phoenix is, traditionally and universally, a symbol of growth, strength, and renewal; it embodies the possibilities of empowerment for all. We believe that projects and initiatives created through collective and integrated solutions are grounded by their combined strength and renewal and thus more successful and enduring. WStrong LLC is committed to serving as a guiding phoenix in your journey to success, however big or small.

The Phoenix as Depicted
in the Past and Today

A Fenghuang (鳳凰) or Chinese Phoenix on the roof of the Main Hall of the Mengjia Longshan Temple  in Taipei, Taiwan. Picture taken by Bernard Gagnon.


A Phoenix as illustrated in a book of legendary creatures by Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747–1822), Bilderbuch für Kinder, (Picture Book for Children) 1790-1830 (Eigenbesitz), Fabelwesen.


A pair of Phoenix sighted at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu (October 2018). Picture taken by Elizabeth M. Yang.

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